We provide solutions that pay for themselves.
We take the time to understand your business and we pro-actively identify issues or trends that might be happening in your business.
We anticipate problems before they occur and provide advice to improve your profitability.
We pledge to keep our fees reasonable and provide value well in excess of the cost of the services.
We will personally return telephone calls and will respond to each of our clients’ requests with a sense of urgency.
We will maintain a personal relationship with our clients.
It’s important that we work together and understand one another.
We want you and your business to be successful.
Our goal – your success!


We are experienced in bringing our customers financial balance.
Furlonger Associates Professional Corporation is a full-service Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll company geared exclusively to you, the small business owner.
Why deal with a huge accounting firm where you could get lost in the shuffle when you could take advantage of our personalized local services? Our office owner, like you, is a small business owner. We are familiar with what it takes to succeed and have helped countless small business owners to do so.
As a small business owner, your time should be spent on the most valuable task of GROWING your business. Let us use our small business expertise to handle the rest.


Furlonger Associates is a full-service tax, accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, and payroll company, geared exclusively to our clients for both business and personal needs. We provide tools that will help you save time, keep you compliant with government agencies, make sure your employees are paid on time, and provide complete financial reporting of your business.

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